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Introduction To Financial Factoring In The UK

Financial factoring is a common accounting process that is extremely beneficial for businesses. Factoring is the process of selling invoices or accounts receivables to a financial company for fast money. Essentially, the financial company acts as an outsourcing business or credit department for their clients.

There are many reasons that companies consider outsourcing this service to accounting or financial businesses. Mostly, it comes down to the transaction process and being able to accrue money in a more rapid rate for the business's financial obligations. Some of the other benefits of factoring include:

Easy and quick factoring
Eliminate bad debt
Incur zero debt
Unlimited capital
Pay invoices faster
Credit screening

The number one reason that companies consider factoring is for quick access to funds. With a professional service provider, funds can be offered on approved invoices within 24 to 48 hours in most cases. The transaction with a company, however, will generally require 5 to 10 days in overall preparation. This amount of time is the typical time for a client and the outsourcing financial team to create a contract and set up all official documentation for the service.

Debt factoring is also a viable use of this process. The invoices are sold to the outsourced party, and the outsourced party that processes the accounts receivable will be charged. The client, or host business, will be able to receive loans from this outsourced financial group based on what the invoices are expected to pay. It's an excellent way for a company to receive some loaned money to help accommodate its current business model and pull the business out of debt by accessing a viable way to receive loans.

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